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Knapping with Ken Wallace

Castile, New YorkNovember 23, 2002

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Ken Wallace and a fabulous collection of his reproduction points all made from Onondaga Chert.

At left is Chip Wallace, Kenís son, Ken, and Tim Shaw.Tim is a second generation leather craftsman who has taken an interest in knapping.At right is another of Kenís current students, John Brennan.



At left is Dan Long, who is setting up a fluting platform on an Onondaga Chert Clovis perform.


Dan is one of Kenís most accomplished students.

Some of the points produced during the day:First row- Snake Hill chert Plevna and Novaculite Clovis by John;Coastal Plains chert Thebes and Onondaga chert Genesee by Dan, Knife River Flint Scallorn and Onondaga chert E-Notch Bevel by Jim.Second rowĖ two points by Tim;Onondaga chert Genesee, Dalton, and Dovetail points by Ken;Onondaga chert North Blade by Jim.